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  • Provision of Staff
  • Piping
  • Drafting of calls
  • Metallic construction
  • Office Of Studies
  • Civil Engineering
  • Calculation Notes
  • On-Board Systems
  • Topography

Provision of Staff

Increased activity or need to replace an employee? We delegate staff to you in the shortest possible time. We manage your schedules ourselves in accordance with your priority list ...


(G-E) Design, manufacture and assembly of industrial pipes of all diameters, thicknesses and grades. Manufacturing in the workshop or directly on site. Hydraulic tests ...

Drafting of calls for tenders


Metallic construction

(G-E) is a qualitative follow-up, coupled with various and multiple controls, facilitates the homogeneity of the overall manufacturing process. He designs, realizes and calculates your project thanks to his own design office. Staffed with qualified and specialized personnel in the field of metal construction ...

Office Of Studies

Any project needs to be studied and conducted by seasoned professionals. As well as (G-E) has a design office made up of engineers and professional technicians making it possible to carry out all the expertise ...

Civil Engineering

(G, E) offers institutional and private contractors all public works services intended for the development of roads and urban infrastructure, energy and communication networks ...

Calculation Notes (NDC)

(G, E) Is in collaboration with the companies of the other batches taken into account. It manages verification and coordination by calculation and load-bearing capacity according to the rules in force ...

On-Board Systems

(G, E) offers companies the on-board system otherwise called intelligent system. It is multiplying in all areas of industry and everyday life. The heart of these systems is made up of electronics and software ...


(G,E) ...

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